The Queen's Wish...A Fairytale About Adoption
Benefiting Doctors Without Borders

I wrote this children's book for my daughter Kayley who was adopted at eleven months old from a 'baby home' in Kalinigrad, Russia. Kayley is beautiful and healthy and adjusted right away to life with our family in California. Certain aspects of Kayley's adoption reminded me of a much so, that I couldn't resist writing. The Queen's Wish... is a fairytale version of the story of her adoption and portrays a universal theme: yearning to expand family and the thrill of seeing that dream come true. Castles, dragons, Queen's, Kings, Knights and, of course, a Princess all reside on the pages of The Queen's Wish.... 
100% of the profits benefit my favorite charity, Doctors Without Borders. For the price of one book, a malnourished child can eat two nutritious meals a day for sixty days.
If you are considering buying a book for a child who loves fairytales, a child who is adopted or a child whose family is adopting a sibling, please consider The Queen's Wish...A Fairytale About Adoption, and simultaneously give the gift of life.
Sweet Dreams,
Kristen Altbaum (author)
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